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Care For You - Flower Tea Gift set

RM 75.00

1 unit tea drink, 

2 pkt ginger tea powder instant (help ease lady period pain)

3 units Chrysanthemum Honey & Rock Sugar Cube Instant Tea helps detox body

10 pkts herbal tea (about 6 - 10gram each pkt) - there are goji, red dates, chrysanthemum, tea leaves, ginseng, orange peel and etc) for good health (better blood circulation, detoxification, help lose weight, better digestion) as per photos shown. 

There are herbal Chinese name stick on the packaging. 

All above are instant, you may just wash with cool water and pour hot water, cover and wait for 10mins and its ready to serve. 

Due to every person body condition is different, if you feel not comfortable please stop drinking and consult doctor. 

Keep in cool and dry place. 

桂圆红枣茶10g桂圆肉、枸杞、红枣  - 功效:美容养颜补气血  

柠檬玫瑰茶8g柠檬片、菊花、百合、枸杞、冰糖、重瓣红玫瑰 - 功效:补冲微量元素VC、VE                 

玫瑰荷叶茶10g重瓣红玫瑰、荷叶、决明子、山楂、陈皮、冰糖 - 功效:减肥瘦身  

 玫瑰茉莉茶10g重瓣红玫瑰、茉莉花、陈皮、冰糖、枸杞   - 功效:香气伊人  

 玫瑰洛神茶10g菊花、玫瑰茄、金边玫瑰、枸杞、冰糖  - 功效:润肠通便  

菊花竹叶茶10g菊花、石竹叶、决明子、甘草、冰糖、枸杞 - 功效:疲劳茶  

玉竹金桔茶 10g  玉竹、金桔干、百合、红枣、冰糖、菊花  - 功效:养肺润喉茶   

人参枸杞茶 10g  人参、枸杞、重瓣红玫瑰、红枣、冰糖 -  功效:女性茶滋补产品  

蒲公英菊花茶8g菊花(胎菊)、蒲公英、金银花、枸杞、冰糖 - 功效:清热解毒清火  

安睡茶6g桑葚、枸杞、莲子、茯苓、红豆、橘皮 -  功效:改善睡眠  

月舒茶6g重瓣红玫瑰、黄精、甘草、枸杞、红枣、茯苓 - 功效:女性经期茶

Fruits Hamper/ Gift Box

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  • This box size is 24cm x 20 cm x 7cm small box
  • This fruits gift box comes with short printed message note, please do remark to us when you order. 
  • This set is not halal