Chinese New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

How to choose Chinese New Year Hamper Gift for your Clients/Suppliers to make you special and stand out from the competitors? 

1. Be thoughtful, choose healthy products like fresh fruits, herbs or mix nuts. You will win customer heart with this thoughtful idea. It is suit to everyone and vegan too. 

2. Select something look colorful, it makes people happy when looking at colorful things. 

3. It's a good idea to send the gift yourself as it is a golden opportunity to meet your clients. Worry how to start a conversation with new client? Starting a conversation related to the fruits /health common topic is a good idea. For example: "Which fruits do you like?" or "You should eat more blueberry, it helps enhance our brain health and improve eyesight especially we always look at the computer screen."

4. Traffic jam is no doubt in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur. We need to rush for meeting and project due date, we do not have much time to spend on shopping for the best hamper. There are numerous of companies selling gifts that included delivery service, ask them to deliver to your office to save the time. Time is money. 

5. Holiday traditions bring people together and make us to feel a part of family and community. Therefore, giving food gift is a great idea to draw people together to enjoy them with joy. Your clients could share with their colleagues and bosses. 

6. Last but not least, must choose wisely with the hamper supplier with good review. Make sure the food is fresh if you are choosing food hamper. If you give a fruits basket or Mix nuts hamper that are not fresh then it would ruin you and your company image in their heart. They might not have confidence in giving you the business. 


Happy Chinese New Year!! 

Have a fruitful year ahead! 

Our fruits gift are fresh guarantee. :) 

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