How to pick fresh mandarin oranges?

Mandarin orange is must have fruit for Chinese New Year. When people give you mandarin orange means they wish you for good fortune, good health and abundance. You must accept this kindness blessing to show respect and never ask for more to show greedy. 

During Chinese New Year, Chinese will be sending gift to their relatives, business partner, clients and friends to show grateful, respect, love & friendship. When you receive a gift from them, you should return back with your sincerity regardless the price of the gift. It means "礼尚往来 Li Shang Wang Lai" in Chinese. 

Many people like to gift mandarin orange but how to choose fresh mandarin orange? 

Nowadays, buying mandarin orange is very easy. Besides supermarket and grocery, you can even purchase online and they help you do the delivery. As if you buy online, you can't see the actual product therefore you must take sometimes to know the seller like go through their review and website. For example, Ezy Fresh Bite has 69 reviews on Facebook and an official website. Although Ezy Fresh Bite has only 4 years experience in fruits market however they have been published on Oriental Daily newspaper and Bernama TV to show that they are authentic creator of this fresh fruits gift box. Every Chinese New Year, they came out with different design of fruits gift just to present a unique fresh gift and leave sender and recipient to have good and impress memory. 

How to choose  fresh mandarin orange?

1. Choose mandarin orange keep under cool room temperature 

Fruits are require to keep in the fridge only will look fresher and last longer. 

gift 3.jpg

Mandarin orange will easily spoil if they keep under hot condition. 


2. Avoid soft skin mandarin orange

Try to avoid mandarin orange has very soft skin and "loose-feeling"(like the flesh has been separated from the skin). You can feel it when you touch them. This condition does not means spoil, it just already ripe or overripe therefore if you want to keep them longer or as a gift, it is not recommended to buy such condition mandarin orange. 


3. Never buy mandarin orange with blemish/polka dot 

spoilt mandarin.jpg

Mandarin orange with brown polka dot is going to spoil. They will slowly get white mold and become rotten fruit. When you eat rotten fruit, they will have bad smell and not good for health. 

Do you know sweet fruits are easily spoil than sour fruits? If you prefer fruits that keep longer, you may choose mandarin orange with sour taste, they will slowly less sour when you keep for more few days. But if you love sweet fruits, you may need to finish them in a short time frame. 

Mandarin orange contains 

  • Vitamins A, B, and a high level of Vitamin C 
  • powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals
  • Good for skin
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