How to renew your trade business SSM online KL, Malaysia

Before MCO in year 2020, we used to renew our trade business via SSM kiosk at KL sentral. 

Since after MCO, we are require to renew the business online. We found it very easy and convenient. 

We decided to write a blog regarding SSM renew is because we found out that there is different kind of website could be able to help renew SSM online as well however the price is high. At first, it was kinda confused as we thought SSM increase the price, but after checking the website it still stated RM 60 per year. However, some websites shown RM 120 per year, it was kinda shocked. 

After checking with my friend, the website to renew is this the price is still same RM 60 per year and plus the printing RM 10, total is RM 70 only. 

Please remember to renew your trade business before expired date as there are penalty fees.

Those who expired more than 12 months, you will require to visit your nearest SSM counter to renew.

Just in case you were like us, not sure which website to renew SSM, here it is, just to share with entrepreneur like 

us, not to be confused. :) Happy renew & wish everyone business is great. 

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