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Blissful Abundance 五福临门

RM 128.00 RM 138.00

五种水果凑齐:葡萄(步步高升),草莓 (每天开心),橘柑 (平安吉祥),蓝莓 (青出于蓝),桃 (大展宏图)

Blissful Abundance 五福临门 Package inclusive:

1. Seedless grapes Red/Green/Black depends on freshness availability of the day

2. Korea Strawberry

3. Mandarin Orange L size

4. US/SA Blueberry 

5. Aus Peach 

6. Printed Wishing Note 

7. FREE Delivery to KL and Ampang (Others area got delivery charge)

8. CNY Decoration Items

Size: L 24cm x W20cm x H7cm (smaller than our customized box)